Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant - Serving Placentia, Yorba Linda, Brea, Fullerton, & Other Orange County Cities.

Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant - Placentia, Yorba Linda, Fullerton, and Orange County
Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant - Placentia, Yorba Linda, Fullerton, and Orange County

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Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant - Serving Placentia, Yorba Linda, Brea, Fullerton, & Other Orange County Cities.
You Will Love Our  Award Winning, Fresh, Hot, and Delicious, Hand-Tossed Pizzas.

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How Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant Came to Placentia

Vinnie, Tony, Sam and Sophie, Best Pizza in Orange County, etc. 

September 29, 2000 - In 1979 while "Iíll Never Love This Way Again" Dionne Warwick (Arista), "She Believes in Me" Kenny Rogers (UA), "You Donít Bring Me Flowers" - Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond , "My Sharona" - The Knack, "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor, and "Do Ya Think Iím Sexy" - Rod Stewart were top hits Vinnie, who had just moved from Brooklyn, New York, opened a bakery in the Southern California suburban town of Placentia with a population of about 34,000 people. By his own admission and as evidenced by his large frame, Vinnie loved to eat. Besides sampling his baked goods he would make himself and his co-workers snacks and lunch while working at the bakery. Before long, Vinnie was making pizza at his bakery and people were always telling him that his pizza was positively the best they had ever tasted. Convinced that his pizza recipe would be a big hit, Vinnie converted his bakery into a pizzeria within a few months of opening.

Vinnieís Brooklyn Pizza Works took Placentia by storm. The business at the pizzeria was steadily increasing and within six months of opening the pizzeria, Vinnie added Italian specialties to the menu and renamed the place to Vinnieís Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant. One day Vinnie hung one of his old car license plates on the wall, and before long, customers began to give their license plates from states throughout the country to go onto the wall in the lobby.

From 1979 to 1982 Brooklyn Pizza Works became so popular and developed so many regular customers that word got around to the newspapers and restaurant critics. In 1982, Vinnieís Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant received the coveted "Best Pizza in Orange County" award in the Art and Leisure section of the Orange County Register from the tough to please restaurant critic, Barry Koltnow. After receiving the award, even more people flocked to Vinnieís Brooklyn Pizza Works.

On the weekends (and sometimes during the week) there were lines to get into the restaurant. Vinnie, who was quite a character, would prepare spicy garlic bread and serve little slices to the hungry patrons waiting 30 minutes to an hour in the lobby, and then anxiously await their beverage orders. Actually, Vinnie took great pride in his restaurant and the food he served. He insisted on using only the freshest high-quality ingredients and he carefully made sure every dish the restaurant served was as it should be. When the restaurant was open, Vinnie was there, watching over everyone and everything and serving and preparing his delicious and authentic Italian specialties and pizza. He also did quite a bit of schmoozing with the patrons.

People were wild about his original creations like the "Maggie" pizza, a pizza made with crushed red peppers, fresh roasted garlic, and Marcella wine thatís excellent with roasted strips of chicken breast.

In 1989 Vinnie decided it was time to expand. His vision was to have a chain of restaurants. He decided to open his second restaurant in Newport Beach California. Tony Marcoli (who was quite an accomplished restaurateur himself) took over the helm in Placentia. Vinnie got so involved in his new restaurant, Tony ended up taking over entirely and became the new owner. To the delight of all the regular customers, Tony kept ALL of Vinnieís original dishes and recipes, and retailed the cooking and serving staff, and the name people came to know so well, "Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant."

In 1992 Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant was awarded the Best Pizza in Orange County for the 2nd time by the Orange County Register.

A large screen TV and wall mounted TVs were added along with a satellite hookup, and the restaurant started to do quite a bit of business for Monday Night Football and other sporting events. There were also more beers (draft and bottle), wines, and desserts added.

In 1998, Tony, who had been thinking about retirement for the past five years, entered into negotiations with Sam and Sophie for the sale of the restaurant. Sam and Sophie worked in the restaurant for months alongside Tony before actually taking over. Just as Tony had done before them, Sam and Sophie retained all of the original dishes and recipes that made and continues to make Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant so popular.

Sam and Sophie did make some changes, however. They expanded the hours, increased the portion sizes, made fresh hot bread complimentary, and added more dishes. They also made customer service a top priority. They quickly made sure all patrons received complimentary water, fresh hot bread, soft drink refills, and that dishes would be made any way the patrons wanted. This husband and wife team has worked side by side in the restaurant every day since they took over nearly 3 years ago. Sam oversees the kitchen and Sophie oversees the service.

In spite of growing competition from new pizza, hamburger, chicken fast food restaurants and the conversion of the motor vehicle office to an auto dealerís only service center, Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant has a steady business and a growing following of regular customers. Although most of the customers are local, there are quite a few regulars who come from all over Los Angeles and Orange County.

While hundreds of restaurants and businesses have come and gone, Brooklyn Pizza Works and Italian Restaurant will be celebrating its 22-year anniversary. Over the past two decades the restaurant has served hundreds of thousands of pizzas and sponsored youth sports, non-profit groups, and needy individuals and kept the tradition of serving hot fresh, delicious, and authentic Italian specialties and pizzas alive started by Vinnie back in the days when he was perfecting his recipes in his bakery.

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